The ChatGPT Shake-Ups: A Wake-Up Call for Relying on Rented Digital Real Estate

This week, the digital world buzzed with dramatic shifts around ChatGPT leadership and X/twitter CEO Elon Musk’s public rant against advertisers–all but declaring the impending failure of the platform. These headlines read more like the recap of Desperate Housewives than news of major digital giant corporations. Yet, it’s a classic tale of technological evolution and […]

Reimagining Marketing: How To Build A Connection Cultivation Strategy

Does the idea of marketing your business drum up images of a creepy guy with a trench coat full of watches or the words “BUY BUY BUY” flashing across your computer screen on some banner ad that pops across an article you are trying to read? The thing I hear most from business owners when […]

5 Signs You Are Using a Spaghetti Marketing Strategy & How to Stop!

Are you a business owner who follows the “let’s see what sticks” approach to marketing? Spaghetti tactics may be stunting the growth of your business if you are constantly jumping from one tactic to another, blindly trying every new trend suggested by the latest influencer or on a mere whim. While there’s nothing wrong with […]

5 Tips for Marketing Your Small Business for Free

Girl with glasses smiling. Sketched images behind her of social media strategies. Words read in teal color "5 tips for marketing your small business for free" subcaption says "How to get the most out of your budget"

5 Tips for Marketing Your Small Business… for Free! Small companies that are just starting out may have tight budgets for marketing. It is wise to set aside some budget to promote the business, especially toward tactics that offers a high return and brings in more business. The best digital marketing planning includes using some free […]