A new social app on the scene?! Thanks to my awesome biz strategist, Kathleen, for getting me out from under the rock. Ahhh!

Jumping on for some quality time with the new kid on the block, Lemon8, I honestly wasn’t expecting much. There have been a few promising social apps popping up and fading quickly but I think this might have potential.  If you remember the early 2000 blogger scene, this app seems to bring that back in an exciting new way.


Now YOU KNOW I’m not about to tell you to jump on trends without thinking about how it adds to your overall strategy–so let’s dig in first, shall we? 

WHO 🍋 LEMON8 IS NOT FOR...(yet.)

Sales, Storefronts, Shopping Carts.

Businesses that are about selling products and are used to being able to use social push for secondary online stores…grab your @handles and sit tight for now. Lemon8 and its community are very anti-promotion/anti-selling right now. There are no business verification processes, no ability to tag products in a post, and the guidelines are pretty clear on moving away from promotional content.

One Size Fits all Cross-Posters:

You shouldn’t be doing this often anyhow (my clients, I’m watching you! 😅), but creating a post for one platform, copying and reposting in Lemon8 is not going to get you far. The developers are trying to create something different here and highly encourage the use of their in-app creative tools.

Hyper-Niche Branding:

I know, I know! “Pick a category and stick with it” has been the motto for social growth for a decade, but there is a lot of pushback for more interesting 3-dimensional accounts. If you are an author for example, posting about books is fine but pepper in some life stuff–like travels, everyday excites and gripes, or maybe a pic of your pup. The community seems to favor mixing it up so overly focused accounts are not “it”. I would recommend at least splitting content in 70% in your career space and 30% just about YOU! 


Authentic Community Builders:

If you have a business that is centered around community and you have value to share, this platform is for you! We are so early in the game that there is a real opportunity for growth and awareness. Yoga/lifestyle teachers, nutrition advisors, authors, foodies and travel agents… this may be the time to get in, even just to play around a bit and start the conversation.  


People Who Like To Write (And May Be a Bit Camera Shy):

FINALLY! Extroverted-Introverts REJOICE! Lemon8 is bringing back the power of words! The app has a longer writing format that encourages short blogging. People seem to really embrace this as they are tired of the trap of doom scrolling videos.

Yes, it is still visual. You will need something to grab attention, but even that is encouraged to have words on it.


Faces over Brands:

If you are a small business whose primary branding is yourself, then you will do much better on this app than pure brands. I mentioned ditching the hyper-niche style, but you also must be ready to participate in the conversation. Your posts are not going to catch any traction here unless you are commenting on other posts. It’s a very people first algorithm.


If this seems great to you, by all means, jump on and have a little fun with it! I would offer a little cautious advice–make sure you are using this as a supplement effort and keep up with your other socials. Lemon8 is owned by ByteDance–the same company that owns the potentially soon to be restricted TikTok. The current bi-partisan bill RESTRICT act may allow for similar swifter bans for this platform as well.


Don’t feel like your business has to jump on the bandwagon for every new thing that comes along. Ask yourself, does this align with my overall goals and do I have time or resources to add more? If you want to explore I say go for it–but don’t take yourself too seriously. Everyone is new on it and trying to figure it out so there is lots of room to play and have a little fun!



What do you think? Will you be adding Lemon8 to your personal social accounts or perhaps test it as part of your Q3 strategy for your business? 🤔

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